Patient Testimonials

"Excellent, friendly service. We're very happy with Joseph's treatment."

- Wendy M.

"Great experience. Aidan likes the staff a lot, they treat her so well. We always feel welcome and the results are great. Love seeing Aidan's new smile."

- Bonnie J.

"I'm extremely satisfied with the results. The staff at Gibb Orthodontics always made me feel at home."

- Jason F.

"I really like my smile since I had braces. It was nice coming for check-ups, everyone was friendly. I couldn't have picked a better office."

- Linda E.

"Incredible!!! I love my smile. Everyone at Gibb Orthodontics is awesome, Thank You!"

- Tayler D.

"Excellent ambience; warm and friendly personnel, great all around. I would recommend Gibb Orthodontics to anyone and everyone."

- Hillary R.

"I totally think that Dr. Gibb and all of the ladies that work with him are Awesome! I have never been to an office that caters more to the wellbeing and happiness of the people that walk in. Everyone is friendly and happy and they all care about each of their patients. We are so impressed with the way we are treated at Gibb Orthodontics. Tayler's teeth look phenomenal. You guys are Awesome, we love you!"

- Shelley P.